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About Us

My name is Andrea and I got started with Stellar Collar in about 2006, and probably MUCH further back than that, but I will ..."unofficially" date it back to a little before I had my daughter Capri, who is now 10 years old. As a teen I ALWAYS made my own t-shirts and accessories because I wanted to be "different" I knew if I made it nobody else would have it. Those ideas I sketched many moons ago grew into a strong drive to actually push forward ESPECIALLY after having a child and becoming a single Mom unexpectedly. One thing I have done since the very beginning was incorporate and infuse my love for my culture and heritage in all of my designs along with personal meanings and significance behind many of them. I started with my first tees being all bilingual "themed" and it all expanded from there. The one thing I want to make sure and share (which means the world to me) is that I am BEYOND grateful to be able to make this all happen full time and be a full time Mother to Miss Capri, who really needs me and has been one of my BIGGEST inspirations in all of this. Capri is such a light and she has made Stellar Collar happen right alongside me. Being able to do what I love in this business while being able to raise my daughter has been such a joyful and rewarding experience. When I first started and thought of the name "Stellar Collar" it just sounded cool to me, plus I wanted to produce Stellar products and a stellar experience for each individual customer, while I STILL pride myself on these things, I think that's what I can honestly say has made this business a truly STELLAR experience for me personally-being able to do what I need & want to do for my family and being able to make this business happen at the same time- and REALLY putting my love and heart into both. I have done this for years with blood sweat and tears…and with all of the wonderful customers, people from all walks of life who have supported me on this journey. I am humbled and ever so grateful. Thank You for stopping by!